Jocks recovery update May 23 2020

Posted by Daymon Harrison on

Update May 23, 2020: Jock brought all the UAB medical ICU nurses a catered lunch today. Well not really, Jock. But our good friends (family) the Dalton's sure did. Look at the smiles on these #frontline workers. Really makes us feel so good.
As for Jock, he has been in the same position for a while so his body is a little swollen. This means they have got to move him so that has to be the big job today. We were also told about the imaging of his lungs, again they were good so he gets an “that-a-boy.” Going to try some more breathing trials today too. Fingers are crossed that he keeps gaining some strength.

One last quickie ... Did you all see the Go Fund Me page? It really did good. I want to run it by the other classes and racers and see if the fuel teams would consider helping. I sure hope that's cool. #NHRA

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