"Jock" (Ervin Allen) as know by everyone and at the NHRA drag races is the lead technician for Steve Johnson Racing.  He tested positive for COVID-19. On May 9th he was taken to UAB, a trauma 1 hospital and immediately was put on a ventilator.  His mom was admitted on May 3rd... also on a ventilator.  Ms. Allen lost her battle with COVID-19 on May 18th.  Now one of his sisters' and his brother were just tested positive, brother Chancellor was just admitted.  Jock doesn't smoke, drink or curse and is 27 years old.  He has no idea about his mother or anything else that has happened since early May. Jock has a fiancé, another sister, uncle, aunt and Grandma with lots of nieces and nephews.  He just bought a lil fixer up house near his mom. 

               Many of us spend money on lots of things, some are necessities - some are not.  For those that don’t know us, we are a team of people that raised life changing resources for the late John Myers’ family.  Bluntly put, the difference is Jock will be living and back at the track at some point.  Plus he has a great team in (and out) of the hospital as well as lots of powerful prayer.  100% of this money will go to Jock, less the go fund me percentage.  This is a great investment in a great human.  God Bless and thank you for your support.

With love,
The "team" and Steve Johnson